The Feis (pronounced “fesh”), the Irish word for festival, provides a chance for dancers to showcase their dancing skills in a competitive and fun environment. The Keenan Irish Dance School competes annually in the following feisanna (plural for feis):

  • John Kennelly Memorial Feis, January – Sacramento
  • Feis San Francisco, February – San Francisco
  • Golden State Feis, April – San Francisco
  • Silicon Valley Feis, July – Santa Clara
  • East Bay Feis, October – San Ramon

New DANCERS, download our handbook that explains all about what happens at a Feis, how to prepare and what to do once you arrive.

Oireachtas (Regional Championship) – This is a qualifying event for both the North American Championships in July and the World Championships at Easter. This event is held the weekend before Thanksgiving.

13417429_1121043281285237_3173656156312948753_nThere are nominal fees to attend each feis and a costume is required. The teacher will determine when a dancer is ready for a Feis, yet competing in feisanna is not a requirement to be a dancer in the school. You can learn more about feisanna in our handbook.

As dancers progress, there is an opportunity to dance with others in group or what is known as “figure” dancing. This teaches children cooperation and teamwork through dance.

When a dancer advances in competition, he or she may have the opportunity to move on to more advanced competitions at the regional, national and world level.

Local Feis Registrations on www.feisworx.com www.feisinfo.com  or www.quickfeis.com