The Feis the Irish word for festival, provides a chance for dancers to showcase their dancing skills in a competitive and fun environment. You can compete solo and team dancing. The Keenan School dancers travel  throughout the year to compete in local dance competition along with  National and World level dance competitions.

List of competitions can be found through  http://www.westernusregion.com

For new dance competitors you can, download our handbook that explains all about what happens at a Feis.

Once you child is ready for a feis you will be informed of all the  necessary information to be able to enter a feis and know what to expect. As dancers progress, there is an opportunity to dance with others in group or what is known as “figure” team dancing. This teaches children cooperation and teamwork through dancing with other dancers.  It is another part of the dance world as you can be  and accomplish solo performer and also be a team player . As the school is registered with  the Irish  dancing commission all dancers in the school are then able to participate in feises.  But  The school also welcomes dancers who may not want to do a dance competition as there is a yearly recital where they can show off their talent for family and friends.