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There is a place for every person interested in Irish dancing, from young beginners to ambitious competitors. Irish dancing builds poise, self-confidence and pride in achievement that carries over into other areas of the dancer’s life. Irish dancing also challenges students, when ready, to support each other in competition and performance while building long-lasting friendship

Each dancer is placed in a class based on their age and level. The teacher will discuss with you the correct class placement for your child.

Beginner classes for dancers starting at the age of 3 years up to teenage years. Here your child will learn the basic movements of Irish dancing along with learning to work together with other students and experience the soft shoe style of dance and then advance to the tap shoe style of dance.  Classes are also available to students with dance experience.  These intermediate and advanced classes for dancers will have the ability to excel in their levels and be the best dancer they can be!

Classes are offered at our Studio in Sonoma County

  326 Petaluma Blvd North Petaluma Ca, 

Call (707)479-1128 or email to come in for a complementary class.

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